Café Equipment That Most first Time Café Owners Must Buy

There are a few equipments that people who want to start their own café are yet to know about. You might start out with the basics and then find that the equipments you have are taking much of your time or are spending a lot of energy. You might also not know what to buy and what not to buy. Here is a list of some equipment you should not miss while shopping for your coffee shop equipments. 

  1. This might be surprising but most people often forget to buy a toaster while they are starting off. Having a café does not mean that the café will only sell coffee and snacks. Several people come in the morning and will need to have breakfast at your café.
  2. Freezers and refrigerators. These will help store cold drinks and beverages and keep the temperature of food and your café constant.
  3. Food preparation counters. The counter is where you make handmade foods such as sandwiches and salads. It needs to be clean and large enough for more than two people to work on it.
  4. Slicers. These are the equipments that handle the tasks of cutting and slicing different items. They do this with precision and speed, and make it easier to serve and prepare meals. The slicers should not be too heavy or too sharp to avoid cutting yourself. Electric slicers give you the option to turn them off when you are done and do almost all the work for you
  5. The sinks are very important cafe equipment. They help in cleaning dishes and café equipment. They also help you with water and prevent overflow of water.
  6. Ranges. Ranges help in preparation of food over an open flame. Gas ranges are easier to cook with and are also easier to change from low to high or high to low. You might also consider buying an electric range with an elegant design. The electric range uses a coil that heats up the surface of your cooking material.
  7. Ovens. If you enjoy and love fresh baked bread or cake, you must buy an oven. You will also use it in making pies, roasting, cookies or toasting. Depending on what you plan to sell or make, you may also buy grills and a frying pan.
  8. Shelves help in organizing and arranging equipments. They are most essential if your café is small or has limited serving space. Having a working shelving system will ensure that the kitchen’s operations are running smoothly and that items are also well organized.
  9. Safety equipments. You need to ensure that your café has the number of the local fire department and guidelines for safety. It’s always safe to have another door in the kitchen that exits the premises. Proper sanitation equipments and avoiding complications or customer complaints ensures that there is a constant flow of people in and out.


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