Deer Hunting Tactics You Definitely Want to Know

Let’s cut right through it. Deer hunting is a complex endeavor in as much as it is interesting. Being good at it takes more than just a few lessons involving bow and arrows. A good deer hunter must have both a creative and analytical mind. They are ready to dare things that others won’t and embrace unconventional thinking as well. Ideally, it is something they learn over time. Adding more tips to your skills can only make experience better. So let us take a walk through some tactics you will definitely appreciate.

Take advantage of the wind

Many bow hunters pay close attention of the wind. The same cannot be said about gun hunters. They only realize how gross a mistake it is when the buck catches sense of them and slip off. For those who are gun hunting from a stand, it is advisable that you set it up downwind. If that is not possible, at least manage crosswind from where you can spot the deer. If you are setting up a drive, ensure the standers are placed downwind. Driving upwind makes it easy for the deer to smell the standers and change direction.

Focus on a smaller area

If you have ever gone for whitetail deer hunting Ohio, you probably know that the home range of whitetails is one square mile or less. Having in-depth knowledge of one or two spots is better than roaming over a large area. It is advisable that you focus on an area 40-80 acres large. Get to know where the deer feeds and bed. Importantly, understand their travel routes. You can also make mental notes of their food sources and escape routes. If you are hunting big woods, choose to focus on heavily used places such as travel corridors instead of trying to cover the entire area.

Farm country tips

If you are hunting upcountry, you should know that deer normally hide in the standing corn. Again, you need not overlook picked fields and grassy swales. It is also possible to find deer hiding and traveling in fencerows. In instances where there isn’t enough cover, they can even crawl on their bellies then hide in a shallow ditch. The trick lies in positioning yourself where you can easily monitor these spots and jump to action when need arises.

Keep it natural

It is easier for whitetail deer to smell you from far than see you from the same point. Natural odors do not alarm but human scent surely will. That does not mean you should eliminate your human scent because it is nearly impossible. However, it is possible to limit the scent. Before going deer hunting, use unscented soap for showering. Have your hunting clothes in a tote with some leaves from the place you hunt.

Deer hunting is fun, no doubt. It gets even more interesting if you know how to go about it. Prepare in advance and know a few things about the area before venturing on your mission.


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