Tripi – Whole Wide World Christmas

Tony Tripi has released a trio of Christmas songs that are able to address the topic of the holiday without falling tinto the same pitfall many performers do when attempting to make tracks that have staying power. On Family Christmas, Tripi is able to craft a seventies-infused rock track that includes sizzling guitar work, a female chorus, and absolutely emphatic drum work. With so many pieces shining, it’s no surprise that Tripi’s Family Christmas will stay fresh well after the end of the year.

Tripi’s modern take on Drummer Boy begins with an increase tempo and a powerful vocal swagger in the fashion of a Neil Diamond. The guitars add a bit of country and western sound to the mix. With this bit of urgency present in this cover, it is no surprise that Tripi is able to make it his own. A more introspective section separates the beginning and end of this track, allowing listeners a brief moment to slow down and take a breath. With this message present, Tripi is able to ratchet the speed back up and continue on to the final minute of the effort.

Whole Wide World Christmas is the final of this Christmas-theme trilogy. The track is our favorite of the 3, as it showcases Tripi’s ability to tell a tremendous yarn. In doing this, Tripi is able to refresh the style of performers like George Thorogood and Ray Stevens. The conscious decision to go forth and have the vocals occupy a more focal point is a masterstroke. While the guitar, bass, and drums are still contributing their same high quality of output, this is really an effort that fans will want to properly “get” through understanding its lyrical content. Check out additional information about Tony at his main domain or the latest news about his music at his Facebook.

Tripi’s Christmas Trio / Domain / Facebook 

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