Max and the Magic Marker (PC Game)

The world of physics based video games is a small, yet surprisingly interesting place. Games like Armadillo Run or World of Goo, puzzle games that rely very little on action or story and instead focus on letting the player really interact with the game environment. One of the more influential games to come out within the last handful of years was Crayon Physics Deluxe, in which the player draws shapes that end up becoming objects in the game. Like all innovation, Crayon Physics was subsequently copied several times with nothing new added to the mix. With Max and the Magic Marker, the main element of Crayon Physics, the drawing, is blended with a side scrolling platforming game, adding a whole new layer of strategy to the concept because now instead of moving a ball from point a to point b, you move a character while also collecting things and killing the minions of the games antagonist. At times this all gets to be a bit much, but for the most part Max and the Magic Marker does a good job of maintaining imagination and keeping the player interested. Continue reading “Max and the Magic Marker (PC Game)”