Suburban Blight #5

Suburban Blight #5 / $? / 36M / 1:15 / /

This is the “Gender” issue. This means that there are a number of pieces about the construction of gender. Where there are a number of philosophical pieces about what gender and sex means in society, there are some different pieces present that keep individuals interested. For example, there are CD Reviews and listings of zines by feminists. This zine will go slowly because a number of the pieces in this issue are very formal, to the degree that they could conceivably be submitted for credit in a college class. Of particular note during this issue has to be “At War With One’s Body”, which described the suicide of a transgender individual named Mailka. Continue reading “Suburban Blight #5”

The Other Half #1

The Other Half #1 / $? / 28M / :30 / PO Box 293, Dayton, N.J. /

This zine is done by the same crew that did Suburban Pastoral. As one can guess, this is another poetry zine. As I am not the biggest fan of poetry, I will reserve judgment of the poetry present in this issue. However, “The Other Half” is the more political side of poetry. Also, this zine does not have a focus on a specific poet. This time, there are poems from 8 different poets. The different styles created by the poets here is nice, and does not seem to drag quite as much at points as did Suburban Pastoral. As with Suburban Pastoral, the pages are unadorned with the poetry being the only thing that is present. Continue reading “The Other Half #1”

Matteah Baim – Death of the Sun

Matteah Baim – Death of the Sun / 2007 Dicristina / 9 Tracks / / /

Matteah Baim is holding back tons during eir first track of “Death of the Sun”, “River”. The set of vocals that ey contributes finally takes a focal point at near the two minute mark. What seems to be the focal point before that is the constraints given the disc by the recording. What is present on all of the tracks of “Death of the Sun” is an ambient buzz that makes Baim’s tracks all sound as if they were coming off of an old record. It provides some extra context to Baim’s tracks, and works at times like another instrument. Track titles and runtimes are not essential to Baim, despite the fact that they are present on this album. For example, there are two distinct “tracks” in “River”. Continue reading “Matteah Baim – Death of the Sun”

Rasputina – Oh Perilous World

Rasputina – Oh Perilous World / 2007 Filthy Bonnet Co / 12 Tracks /

The last time I heard of Rasputina, ey was pandering an album because it had a collaboration with Marilyn Manson on it. That was quite a few years ago, but I remembered that when I got a copy of eir latest album, “Oh Perilous World”, for review in the magazine. The compositions on this album are rock oriented with just a touch of goth influence at points. “Choose Me For Champion” is a track that could easily make it to alternative rock radio, with smoothed out instrumental compositions and a melodramatic set of vocals that are almost humorous at points. Continue reading “Rasputina – Oh Perilous World”

Bitter Bitter Weeks – Peace is Burning

Bitter Bitter Weeks – Peace is Burning / 2007 High Two / 10 Tracks / / /

The Bitter Bitter Weeks sound a lot like The La’s during the first track to their “Peace Is Burning”, “Once and for all”. This means that the vocals are the dreamiest part of the band even as the instrumentation provide a little more tangible thing for these vocals to latch onto. The track is strong in its’ own right, but it does not represent a hit for the Bitter Bitter Weeks. The second track on this disc is “Writing Letter”, and the slightly more driven instrumentation pushes the lead vocals to something a little more strong than was the case during “Once and for all”. Continue reading “Bitter Bitter Weeks – Peace is Burning”

Lil Fizz (from B2K) Set to Release Album

Los Angeles, CA…Hip-Hop and R&B superstar Lil Fizz of the multi-platinum group B2K is set to release his debut album PayDay on July 17th. The first album of an exclusive recording agreement with music industry veteran Cudda Love’s Fo’ Reel Entertainment, PayDay showcases Lil Fizz’s far-reaching lyrical talents. Continue reading “Lil Fizz (from B2K) Set to Release Album”