471 IPA – Dry Hopped Hüll Melon (Breckenridge)

Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery has made a high-octane variant of their 471 Small Batch IPA, making for one of the best double/imperial IPAs that we’ve reviewed this year. The 471 IPApours with a copper to gold coloration with a nose that is heavy on woodsy and piney elements. An initial sip yields vanilla, spice, cantaloupe and bit of honeydew. As the 471 Hull melon warms, a greater amount of sweetness swells up and acts as the perfect foil for the heavy amount of hop bitterness that is threaded through the effort. 471 IPA - Dry Hopped Hüll Melon (Breckenridge) While an alcohol bite is hidden well in the back of each sip, the 9.7% ABV of the dry hopped 471 IPA ensures a nice warmth by the end of a bomber. Continue reading “471 IPA – Dry Hopped Hüll Melon (Breckenridge)”