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Colorado’s Breckenridge Brewery has made a high-octane variant of their 471 Small Batch IPA, making for one of the best double/imperial IPAs that we’ve reviewed this year. The 471 IPApours with a copper to gold coloration with a nose that is heavy on woodsy and piney elements. An initial sip yields vanilla, spice, cantaloupe and bit of honeydew. As the 471 Hull melon warms, a greater amount of sweetness swells up and acts as the perfect foil for the heavy amount of hop bitterness that is threaded through the effort. 471 IPA - Dry Hopped Hüll Melon (Breckenridge) While an alcohol bite is hidden well in the back of each sip, the 9.7% ABV of the dry hopped 471 IPA ensures a nice warmth by the end of a bomber.

The scintillating set of flavors makes this into a must-have beer; smaller notes of pineapple, whisky, and malt make each sip into something new and exciting. The distinctive taste of the Hull Melon hops makes this into an effort that not only fans of double/imperial IPA will appreciate, but even those that typically take to imperial red ales and ESBs. The 471 Barrel Aged Dry Hopped Hüll Melon remains cohesive and coherent from the beginning to the end of the bottle, rather than breaking down into a muddled mess.

Check out our previous coverage of other Breckenridge efforts, including coverage of their Breck IPA  , Ophelia,  Christmas Ale  , and Buddha’s Hand  . For more information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal offerings, visit their domain. Further info about new product releases and events are present on Breckenridge’s social media accounts. The 471 Barrel Aged Dry Hopped Hüll Melon is available for a limited time in states where Breckenridge distributes.

Rating: 9.4/10

Dry Hopped Hüll Melon 471 IPA / Double IPA /  Breckenridge Brewery / 9.7% ABV / / / /

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