Stir Crazy (Indeed)

Indeed has reformulated their winter ale Stir Crazy for 2017, and we were able to check out a can of it. The beer itself has a dark coloration and a fair amount of tannish head. From the initial sip, one will experience good amounts of toasted malts, a bit of sweetness and a hint of hop bitterness that is able to provide further depth for the beer. Stir Crazy is able to remain strong in its overall constellation of flavors well after the beer begins to warm to room temperatures. A hint of smokiness and wheat are able to peak through at points. Where a great many winter ales and porters have a single note that the effort continually hits imbibers over the head with, Stir Crazy has enough twists and turns to keep individuals interested from their first sip all the way out to their final pull from the bottle.  Continue reading “Stir Crazy (Indeed)”

Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale (Indeed)

Minneapolis Brewing Company Indeed has released their fall seasonal Yamma Jamma during a period when many of the breweries are coming forth with pumpkin efforts. The decision by Indeed to utilize sweet potatoes and spices (allspice, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg) into their beer seems to be a hit. The overall flavor profile is a bit more moderate than the pumpkin bombs that are littering store shelves throughout autumn. For those imbibers that have suffered gourd burnout from breweries pushing their pumpkin beers earlier and earlier, Yamma Jamma is a welcome change of pace. Continue reading “Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale (Indeed)”