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Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale (Indeed)

Minneapolis Brewing Company Indeed has released their fall seasonal Yamma Jamma during a period when many of the breweries are coming forth with pumpkin efforts. The decision by Indeed to utilize sweet potatoes and spices (allspice, cinnamon, ginger, and nutmeg) into their beer seems to be a hit. The overall flavor profile is a bit more moderate than the pumpkin bombs that are littering store shelves throughout autumn. For those imbibers that have suffered gourd burnout from breweries pushing their pumpkin beers earlier and earlier, Yamma Jamma is a welcome change of pace.

The beer itself seems to fall quite nicely into the Oktoberfest frame without settling into a margin or festbier style. The ABV is sufficiently low (5%) on Yamma Jamma to allow an individual to have a few over the course of a night while the beer’s fullness is such that it would pair nicely with fish, chicken and even spicier meals like sausage or curry. The Yamma Jamma would also be a solid pick up for fans of bocks and lagers. The vanilla included in the brew seems to be fairly muted, with small hints of spices peeking through at points. Indeed is able to create something that has some of the crispness of autumn while simultaneously covering the crunch of leaves and the unmistakable nose of a fireplace.

We reviewed Indeed’s Rum King late last year and 2016’s LSD and Shenanigans Summer Ale a few months back; one can find information concerning the full list of Indeed efforts on a seasonal and year-round basis from the brewery’s domain and social networking websites.

Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale is available in 6 packs and drafts from August through November in Indeed’s distribution footprint of Minnesota and North Dakota.

Rating: 7.8/10

Yamma Jamma Harvest Ale (Indeed) / 5.0% ABV / 10 IBU / Indeed Brewing / / /

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