Jazzy Amra “You Got Me” ft. Wyclef Jean & Riley

Jazzy Amra’s “You Got Me” is an effort that draws from late 1990s R&B, funk, and pop styles while cultivating a very unique sort of sound. The richness of Jazzy’s vocals makes the backing instrumentation pop. We’re big fans of the vocal / synth dynamic that is fostered throughout You Got Me. By crafting keys that build off of the 1980s electro-funk, this single feels absolutely timeless. The presence of Wyclef Jean on You Got Me ensures that the effort possesses a polish that could easily allow it to be slotted on playlists. We’re excited to hear more from Jazzy Amra in the next months and years. Continue reading “Jazzy Amra “You Got Me” ft. Wyclef Jean & Riley”