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Galahad – Live In Poland / 2006 MVD / 200 Minutes / /

Galahad has been around for over a quarter century, and for some reason, I’ve completely missed their contributions to the larger music scene. Apparently, I’m about the only one, as there are literally tens of thousands of websites chronicling their work over the past few decades. The band comes down in the progressive rock side of things, and they also seem to bring a high amount of value to their fans. This DVD, “Live in Poland”, has over 200 minutes (well over three hours) of footage for individuals to chew on.

At first blush, it seems that there is not much for individuals to sink their teeth into. There is the live show that is mentioned on the DVD’s title plus a few demos and different live sessions, captured only in audio. Move one’s eyes down the back of the DVD case, and a whole trove of treasure awaits. There is a documentary about their time in Poland, interviews with two of the band members, a featurette showing the band through the eyes of a fan, and images that individuals can use for their computer. The footage of the live show is sharp and clear, and if one would subtract out the cheering and other crowd noise from these eight live cuts, individuals would be pressed to guess that the music is actually live. There is little more that fans of Galahad could conceivably ask for, with sections of the DVD covering every possible path. Interviews, the complete discography, live footage, and fan appreciation show that both Metal Mind and MVD want to give back to the customer, and that Galahad wants to make the purchase well worth the fans’ money and time.

The only thing that might be a problem is getting these DVD to fly off the shelves to the casual fan. I’ve been reviewing music for around a decade and I was not familiar with the band; I don’t mean to cut down the casual listener, but the chance that they will pick up this DVD and walk home with it are small. MVD and Metal Mind make a very compelling cover, but there is little other reason that the fan would not just go to the next section of DVDs and pick up the latest season of the Simpsons. There is great music and a great time to be had on the DVD, and MVD and Metal Mind have done everything right. Here’s to hoping that the singer of Galahad, clad in black, will provide the casual fan a reason to buy this DVD.

Rating: 6.8/10

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