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Go Motion – Kill The Love / 2006 Self / 11 Tracks / / Reviewed 22 June 2007

A number of acts are doing the dance-punk thing, so it will be interesting to see how Go Motion does on their debut album, “Kill The Love”. The band does not sound too terribly different from what has been on the market in the last five years with their opening track to “Kill The Love”. However, this may not be a big deal, as the pressing beat and catchy vocals will be causing individuals to dance around in much of the same way as Franz Ferdinand had with their prior two albums. There seems to be a high amount of cohesion that the band achieves, even when all one has heard is “Kill The Love” and “Dance”.

The one thing that I could see going in Go Motion’s favor has to be the slightly harder edge that the band has compared to a number of other dance punk bands on the market. There are sounds present during “Kill The Love” that would make bands like Orgy and Deadsy drool. This similar sound should be enough to raise a few eyebrows, and maybe even will be the impetus behind getting individuals to pick up copies of the disc. Another thing that is a benefit for Go Motion has to be the short runtime of the songs on the album. The band is able to create smart compositions and has the presence of mind to cut things short, rather than run themselves into a rut. Thus, while the track “Charm is Harmless” is catchy, it would become a bane if allowed to move into the third and fourth minute. “Charm is Harmless” continues the trend of having a harder rock style present in Go Motion’s sound, but adds a little bit of early Killers to the mix.

This gives the track an eighties sheen and differentiates the output of Go Motion. This has the benefit of stirring things up and letting individuals stick with the disc for a longer period of time than if the band merely re-cut the track continually. Go Motion is even able to largely remove the dance influence from their music during “Somewhere Nowhere”. In this track, the band sounds much more like a Coldplay meets Keane type of act, which again re-invigorates and re-energizes fans. Go Motion has a tremendous ability to create radio-friendly and solid tracks; I have a feeling that they will be able to continually refine and expand their sound on subsequent albums.

Top Tracks: Regress, Charm is Harmless

Rating: 7.1/10

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