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Fuzzy Lunch Box #11 / $2 + 2 Stamps / 40M / /

I had ran out of issues of magazines to review for NeuFutur, so I made an impassioned plea to all of the Myspace zine groups in order to have some zinesters send me review copies of their zines. Laura and Deborah, the twins that run this zine, were nice enough to send over a copy of their newest issue. This issue goes through a few distinct phases. The first segment of this issue deals with the twins’ experiences with a Bachelorette party in Las Vegas, and the problems encountered when they try to get their plane home. Mixing humor with a rich and vibrant description of the events, some of the funniest parts of this issue come forth when they describe the Australian strippers hired for the party. The second section of the zine deals with their adventures at the Portland Zine symposium, and mainly consists of a number of lists, with topics including “favorites from the Portland Zine Symposium”, “Things that Sucked from the Portland Zine Symposium”, and culminates in the research survey that they conducted at that zine conference. Instead of having wishy-washy answers, all of the questions on the survey had to be answered with a definite; either option A or B, no “either” and no “others” present. The results are interesting, and are broken down by the zinesters trying to understand what makes other zinesters tick. What is the most humorous part of this issue has to be the different open-ended questions that they provided to zinesters, such as ”what food makes you throw up in your mouth a little, and why” and what is your guilty pleasure”. A solid read that has a great amount of re-readability to it, Fuzzy Lunch Box will be a zine that I keep in my collection of a while to come.

Rating: 7.0/10

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