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Lzy – 1996-2006 / 2006 MVD / 120 Min / / /

Where most of the DVDs released by Metal Mind and MVD have been foreign acts that played in Poland, Lzy is a Polish band. As one can guess, Lzy is a rock band, and this DVD captures a number of live performances over the course of their career. It seems like the vast majority of footage that is on this DVD comes from the post-2002 period, where there are only two tracks from before that period. This makes sense, as the band probably did not start their rise up the charts until a few years after they first started out.

While the other DVDs that were released by both Metal Mind and MVD were at least mostly in English, this video has songs and other features in Polish. For individuals that can speak Polish, this will be a solid DVD. For individuals that like the pop-rock stylings of Lzy, this will also be a good purchase. If one is a fan of the lyrics of a band, Lzy may not be one of the best bands to listen to unless you have a Polish language background.  What might have been nice to include on this DVD would be one or two tracks in English, even if it is Lzy just going and singing out the syllables rather than knowing what the words meant. I know a lot of Japanese artists do just that, and when acts like Bad Religion transferred their songs into German, much of the same happened.

It would be a nice overture to individuals that would like to get into Lzy but have little idea what is being sang during the songs. The music is solid, the video footage is also what one would expect, being mostly recorded in the last five or so years. Lzy has at least a little bit of an English-speaking fanbase, as they have played shows in both the United States and Canada, so perhaps on their next DVD or on an import CD, the band should attempt to reach out directly to these fans. Aside from the language barrier, there is little in the way of problems that one could levy against “Lzy – 1996-2006”. Here is to hoping that the band lasts for another 10 years, and is able to do an English version of their next DVD. Give it a go if you are adventurous or know more than your fair share of Polish.

Top Tracks: Taniec pingwina na szkle, Wrocilam

Rating: 5.0/10

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