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Pos-Neg – I’m A Problem / 2007 Self / 3 Tracks / / /

Pos-Neg is a rap act, and the flow that is present on the single “I’m A Problem” is similar to the earlier DMX flows. The backing beat to the track is a little bit on the tinny side, which does not necessarily mesh well with the higher registers of the individuals on the track. The flows present are strong, though, which is enough to make the track succeed on their own. Couple that with an catchy chorus, and Pos-Neg’s “I’m A Problem” is better than a greater segment of the rap songs currently on the market. This single features the radio and TV versions of this track along with the studio version. Thus, only buy this disc if you think it is worth it for the song. I’d personally just go to iTunes or another similar service for the uncensored version, but if the single was priced competitively, I’d buy that as well. There is enough to “I’m A Problem” that I would actually want to hear the next EP or LP that Pos-Neg puts out. I think that the resulting release would be a strong independent release, but it really is hard to tell if one only has one track to base that off of.

Rating: 6.2/10

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