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Scott Cossu Trio – Islands / 2007 MVD / 60 Minutes / /

Scott Cossu has been around in the jazz scene for longer than I have been on this earth. Ey started in 1981, I entered this world in 1983. That’s pretty impressive; this footage is as well. It is impressive not only for the cuts that are present, but rather because it is so sharp and well-recorded. Even now it is hard to get good footage, and Cossu was able to get it all the way back in 1986. This DVD does not have much on it besides the concert, only presenting interested viewers with a biography and a discography of Cossu. Regardless, this footage is a gem and worth the price itself.

While jazz is known for longer tracks, I still typically find myself getting weary and bored with a great deal of jazz musicians, no matter how storied they may be. The Scott Cossu Trio is one of the few jazz acts that I can actually tolerate, and this is in the face of tracks like “Sanibel, Sweet Rose” which lasts well over ten minutes. I feel that I can the Scott Cossu Trio more because Cossu eirself studied the ethnic music of lands as diverse as Sudan, Thailand, Rumania, China and Ecuador, and is able to put in little bits and pieces of that music into the tracks that are present here. While the style of music that the Scott Cossu Trio plays on “Islands” is still nominally jazz, it is a type of jazz that is not afraid to leave the genre box for a moment.

MVD should be commended for releasing this DVD, as it is just a step forward in restoring and renovating the vaults and vaults of footage that would normally turn to dust. By commissioning these DVDs, a part of history that would normally go the way of the Dodo is allowed a second lease at life. I understand that it must be hard to transfer footage from original reels, but if more artists with the talent and ability of the Scott Cossu Trio have material in them, it has to be a high priority to restore and re-release this footage. The Scott Cossu Trio delights with their “Islands” and despite its’ short runtime, the replay-ability of the tracks on this DVD is high enough that any price is well worth it. Viva la ethnically-influenced jazz; here’s to hoping MVD releases more of it soon.

Rating: 6.3/10

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  1. It blows my mind that someone has made this into a DVD, and forgot to tell me about it. Thank you for all the nice comments. I am still making music after all these years. Check out the website!

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