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Seeking the Lotus #5 / $1.50 / 1:00 / 20M / /

Seeking the Lotus is a zine that tries to educate individuals about Buddhism without going into complicated discussions of philosophy. This is a good thing. Reading like a “Buddhism For Dummies”, albeit with a much more serious and illustrative tone, Seeking the Lotus is a benefit for anyone that wishes to look into what Buddhism is and what it has to offer. Aside from describing the history, past and present, of Buddhism, Celeste (the editor) gives individuals a look into eir own life. Specifically, many of the examples ey gives of hard to understand philosophical tenets concern eir. This helps individuals understand more than merely repeating dogmatic instructions. Finally, Seeking The Lotus is completed with the inclusion of book reviews of works that are relevant to Buddhism. This means that individuals are given a solid primer about Buddhism all in the same of 20 pages. For individuals that want more education, citations are ample, and there are four preceding issues of Seeking the Lotus to read through as well. While I do not know Celeste, I believe that ey would be happy to answer any lingering questions that one may have about Buddhism, or at least point someone in the right way. Unfortunately, it looks like this was the final issue of the magazine (the website is not updated any further), but here’s to hoping that Celeste either has continued with the magazine or will continue in the months ahead. It is much too valuable of a resource to miss out on, even if the reader is anti-religion in all forms.

Rating: 8.6/10

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