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Sick Puppies – Dressed Up As Life / 2007 EMI / 12 Tracks / /

“World” is the first track on “Dressed Up As Life”, and it shows Sick Puppies as a new rock band in the same vein as an Evans Blue or a Papa Roach. This means that the band has a post-grunge feel that unites the earlier style with hints of pop-punk and Goo Goo Dolls like pop-rock to make the band’s sound. The first track is strong but it does not distinguish Sick Puppies as being fundamentally different from any other band on the market. It does set up the rest of the disc, and hints of At The Drive-In guitars make the track interesting, but ultimately one that will operate as a lead in to the single worthy tracks.

The second track is “Pitiful”, and Sick Puppies continues the same overall sound. The track is again something that individuals could bear listening to, but does not provide listeners with anything that they can really get behind. This three piece is able to make a wall of sound, but has not created a track yet on “Dressed Up As Life” that will bring them to the fore of new rock bands. “Cancer” is the first track on this album that seems groomed for the big time. This is most likely due to the fact that the bass breaks free of conventions and tries something different, while the vocals have a catchiness to the harmonies that will enthrall any and all listening in to the track. The fact that the band goes into a harder rock type of breakdown also garners them points. Sick Puppies try to make it two for two with “What Are You Looking For”, but the band is not able to do anything but make an apathetic rock track that uses static guitar lines and vocals to make a decent, but not overly impressive track.

The band returns to their new rock crunch with “Deliverence”, and it is the catchiness of the vocals that again returns the band to some form of success. The guitars are grinding throughout the track, but hold the band from completely succeeding. This is due to the fact that there is not enough in the way of variation on the track. The band has a decent amount of ability, but there just not enough in the way of variation in the instrumental arrangements of the Sick Puppies to really distinguish the songs from each other and the band from the multitude of other acts that are currently out on the market.

Top Tracks: Asshole Father, Issues

Rating: 4.5/10

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