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Snatches of Pink – Love is Dead / 2007 Self / 15 Tracks / /

Snatches of Pink on their “Love is Dead” play a brand of sleaze rock that brings individuals back to the days of Spinal Tap and the New York Dolls. The lead vocals during “Rocks” (and extended to the whole of the disc) have more than a passing resemblance to those provided by Mike Ness (Social Distortion). “Rocks” is an interesting introduction to Snatches of Pink, but the instrumentation does not feel to be dynamic and interesting through the entirety of the track. This is something that needs to be fixed during later tracks on “Love is Dead”, and I’m not sure if the band does that. This does not mean that Snatches of Pink do not have some catchy tracks on “Love is Dead”.

Rather, a song like “Just A Girl” blends together the Rolling Stones and the vocals of Neil Young to provide a track worthy of classic rock radio. “From The Sun” is another interesting track, but there seems to be an anemia present during the track. The production has a major role in this, as it feels as if the band is distanced somewhat from their listeners. “From The Sun” has another compelling set of instrumental arrangements, but the band seems to be behind a wall that makes it difficult for individuals to truly appreciate the music present.

The tracks leading forth from “Rocks” seem to have much more of a grunge sheen on the tracks, to the point where the vocals that had previously called forth comparisons to individuals like Neil Young are approaching something much more close to the vocalist from Marcy Playground and Kurt Cobain (Nirvana). The sound is a natural progression from the styles played by Snatches of Pink earlier on during the disc, but it shows that the act is not a one-trick pony and can continually innovate if need be. Snatches of Pink struggle at times to have a full sound that will completely involve the listeners of the disc, but the music that the band plays cannot be without fault. If the act goes and has a different producer for their next album, the results will be better than they are on “Love is Dead”. Have someone that has worked a loud, noisy band and the results will be perfect; just allow the act to have a spontaneity that cannot be heard much during “Love is Dead”. Check Snatches of Pink out.

Top Tracks: Rocks, Just A Girl
Rating: 5.8/10

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