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Wherewithal #3 / $1 / :20 / 16M / Emerson Dameron, 1323 N. Artesian #1F, Chicago, IL 60622 / /

Wherewithal is a short but fun little zine that comes from the mind of one Emerson. The zine consists of black text on white pages, with only a few pictures to break things up. Luckily for readers of Wherewithal, Emerson is one of the most talented individuals with the written word that I’ve read lately. This means that the discussions about fire (and its’ hunger for tobacco), eir own times searching for work and trying to avoid, and a host of other matters, are as vivid and interesting (oftentimes funny) as any picture could be. The zine bounces back and forth with terse statements that are largely humorous and descriptions of Emerson’s life. The line between humor and absurdity is a thin one, and what makes Wherewithal such an interesting read has to be the straddling of this line by Emerson throughout. I slacked on getting this zine reviewed so I am unsure whether Emerson actually continued with subsequent issues. I know, if Wherewithal is still going, that I would love to get up to date with the issues. While there are only 16 pages in this issue, I would not classify it as a quick read because the style of Emerson is nuanced to the degree that individuals have to keep a good focus on eir line of thought. If one is just trying to skim over the pieces, chances are god that they will miss out on some of the most important parts of this issue. Pick it up.

Rating: 7.0/10

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