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Cheap Sex Interview with Mike Virus
[Conducted by JMcQ, 05 August 2006]

What does the band’s name, “Cheap Sex”, mean? Why was it chosen?

Mike – The name Cheap Sex doesn’t have any meaning behind it. We were looking for a name that had some humor that would grab attention on a flyer. I mentioned the name ‘Cheap Sex’ and we just decided to go with it.

What school of punk “thought” do you subscribe to? (The ultra-political, NoFX style or The Vandals “Tune in and Drop Out” style).

Mike – We are a political band that is for sure.

Is there any specific concept behind “Written in Blood”?

Mike – “Written In Blood”’s lyrics deal with many different topics ranging from drug addiction to spousal abuse, to war, to the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and more. The song “Written In Blood” talks about the hypocrisy of the bloodthirsty religious extremists who while preaching the words of the bible have led the human race into countless wars since the beginning of time.

Where do you see punk going in the next 5-10 years? What is Punkcore’s role in this future?

Mike – Punkcore is a great label and I think they will continue expose great new bands to the punk rock scene. I think as long as there are pissed off people with something to say there will always be a punk scene.

What was the best and worst band to play live with and why? What would be the one band that you would love to play alongside that you haven’t (past or present?)

Mike – Ill skip answering who the worst band to play with was to keep the drama to a minimum, however I love playing with most of the bands that have opened for us or we have opened for. Broken Bones was really cool.

Is there any tension between playing the style of music that Cheap Sex does and being marketed in a Gap-owned store like Hot Topic?

Mike – Not really, to each their own. I don’t spend too much time worrying if someone digs what we do. We do it because it is what we believe in and what makes us happy. And we have dun doing it.

Is Paris Hilton bad for the music industry or is it just business as usual?

Mike – I couldn’t give two shits about Paris Hilton.

How have the sales of “Written in Blood” been and how do you expect the upcoming tour to go?

Mike – We haven’t gotten the sales numbers yet since the album has only been out for a couple months, however from what I have been hearing the album is doing well. We can’t wait for tour, and I expect it to go great, and I expect to have a blast!

When will it be time for Cheap Sex to quit?

Mike – When and if we stop having fun.

How does one get in touch with Cheap Sex or listen to samples of your music?

Mike – You can get in touch with us through All our email contacts are on there as well as sound samples. You can also reach us through our Myspace account at Thanks for the interview! Hope to see you all on tour!

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