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The “The band Drug Rug out of Cambridge, Massachusetts with a self-titled album
coming in September on Black and Greene kind of sound like a dirty, shredded baja sweater, so
we congratulate them on their self-awareness and funky jams and we present you with this song
called “Day I Die.”

Named in URB Magazine Next 1000 (4 Stars **** Single Review “Tiny People )

Impose Magazine : “Drug Rug’s Tommy Allen and Sarah Cronin are as much Sunny and Cher as Paul
and Linda, with nearly undetectable traces of Sid and Nancy lacing their lazily serene, love-soaked
ballads with a dark, rough-shod sheen.”

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: “The couple’s carefree strumming, lighthearted plucking, and bare-bones beats
shine a light on their 1960’s folk and country influences. Those simple tunes drift in a warm fuzz of
keyboards, tambourines, shakers, and reverb, which marries the music with the creak and crinkle of
Tommy’s mellow croon and Sarah’s high-strung cords.”

This October, Tommy Allen & Sarah Cronin debut their love for one another in the form of their outstanding
S/T record, Drug Rug, on Black & Greene Records and we are thrilled to be on board. The dynamic love duo, named
Drug Rug, hail from Boston and have written & recorded the most heartbreaking debut since June & Johnny got
together (Yes, We do love them that much). “The Sound Alone is all I need to get by” and “You don’t have worry,
You don’t have panic no more (from Tiny People)” are just two simple lines that will have you back to toe-tapping
and foot stomping & will re-cement your faith in love, poetry and classic country pop songs… Its almost like the
clash of two separate generations have joined, and Joanna Newsom & Keith Richards had recently met in some
distant far off land. Enough Said? Well if you need more, Drug Rug is coming your way…The Record was recorded
at Narrow Lab in Allston, MA by Carter Tanton (Tulsa) and mixed and produced by Carter Tanton, Julian Cassanetti
(Lot 6) and Drug Rug. Additional players on the LP are the Dead Trees & Jesse Gallagher from Apollo Sunshine. We
are one happy family now!

Thomas Allen and Sarah Cronin met in 2006 while working at the Middle East Club in Cambridge, Ma. After trading
secret demos of their own songs, Tommy persuaded Sarah to combine forces. They spent their first date drinking
whiskey in bed and playing each other songs on an old guitar. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Several months
later, they christened themselves “Drug Rug,” a name which has made strangers laugh and parents cry. Drug Rug
began as an acoustic duo in the vein of the Everly Brothers and The Carter Family. Over the course of three or four
shows Drug Rug evolved into a rock band with a revolving cast of friends and family. Their early rock and roll sound
can be attributed to such influences as The Velvet Underground, The Byrds, and most importantly, the Paul and
Linda McCartney record, “RAM”. The songs are also inspired by the storytelling style of early folk musicians, comic
books, campgrounds, funny hats, and the illustrations of Garth Williams. In the month of June, 2007 after
consulting a psychic and a lawyer they signed to Black and Greene Records and are now slated to release their first
record in the fall. Sarah likes to be covered in dirt and Tommy wears the same shirt for four days. They used to be
drug free, but now they aren’t so sure. They believe in the imminent end of the world and will destroy each other
with love before the apocalypse.

Aug 9 2007 – 9:00PM
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Aug 10 2007 -10:00PM
11 PM Los Campesinos
The Mercury Lounge NY, New York

Aug 18th- 9:00PM
Somerville, Massachusetts

Sep 18 2007- 8:00PM
Pipeline! 88.1 FM

Sep 21 2007 – 9:00PM
Somerville, Massachusetts

Oct 18th 8 PM
Redeye CMJ showcase (TBA)

Oct 19th 9 PM (TBA)
Bowery Ballroom

All November
Mercury Lounge Residency

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  1. they r no paul and linda, sorry kids so wrong its not even laughable but i do reccomend moccasin’s last leaf, now they( Moccasin) is a cool band – space rock is the cool rawk lsd drone for harmonic holocaust riffs of beauty and space. space is deep man

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