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1. Who are the members of the band and what do they play?

The members of the band are: John who plays guitar and sings; Tom who plays bass and sings and Eric who plays drums but never sings.

2. How old are each of you?

The band members are in their early to mid-20s.

3. When was the band formed?

The band was formed five years ago. Christmas of 1993.

4. In your opinions what genre of music are you?

We’re a pop punk band. It’s the genre of girls.

5. In which city are you currently residing?

We all live in the Southbay of Los Angeles.

6. What label are you on currently, and which labels have you been on?

We’re on Farren Music America (FMA). We’re labelmates with Colin Hay, the voice of Men At Work and a bunch of other acts. It’s the first label we’ve ever been on.

7. Have any of you played in another band?

We’ve all played in other bands, but just local stuff. They were nothing special. No bragging rights.
8. Are you all in the process of recording an album or touring?

Our album Falling came out in February this year. We’re touring like mad to promote it.

9. What is your favorite touring experience?

Our favorite touring experience was when two girls did a private show for us and our camcorder.

10. Which bands have you toured with?

We’ve toured with a lot of bands, but The Ataris is probably the biggest thus far. We’re currently trying to go on national tours with some bigger bands.

11. What are each of your favourite bands?

Our favorite bands are: John-Ramones & KISS, UK Subs; Eric-Descendents, 7 Seconds, Ignite; Tom-Ignite, NOFX, Slayer.

12. What was the last album each of your bought?

We can’t afford any. We tape off our friends.

13. What is the weirdest sex dream have each of you had?

We had a foursome with your mom. We’re really into moms.

14. Which independent label do you think helps the bands in their roster the most?

The independent label that helps bands the most is the one that gives the most money.

15. Which zine is your favorite?

Our favorite zine is yours or whoever interviews us and send us a copy.

16. Where can people contact the band at?

People can contact the band at [email protected].

17. What places do each of you work in your spare time?

We’re streetwalkers.

18. For all of our readers, are any of you single?

Who the hell would marry us?

19. Are you sXe or normal people?

We don’t understand the question.

20. In your concerts, which songs by which bands do you cover?

“Hope” by the Descendents is covered in our set.

21. If you had the chance, would you sign on to a major label, or stay independent?

I’d buy our independent label and turn it major.

22. Which Sesame Street character is the best looking?

Which one’s the drummer?

23.Does the band have a webpage?

Very soon but for now 1

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