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Mikadams Interview (JMcQ)

1)Who are the members of the band and what do they play?

Well, there’s my solo stuff.. i only have a few tapes out, thats just me playing guitars, samplers, tape decks, toys. I usually multitrack myself using CoolEdit pro, or an old four track..Then there’s “Turkey Makes Me Sleepy”, which is me, Charles R. Goff III, and Eric Matchett. I mostly play guitar in “Turkey”, but actually anything goes. We have guitars,synths, casiotones, lots of records and tapes, lots and lots of toys, Charlie has some homemade wind instruments, sometimes a saxaphone of trumpet or trombone gets picked up, handdrums, We’re mostly improvosational, so its an anything goes kind of thing.

2) How old are each of you?

Old enough to know better. We’re all beyond our twenties, lets put it that way. I have to be careful about what i write down, Charlie’s already pissed at me for saying on that we met in jail!

3)When was the band formed?

We started about 3 years ago, i guess. Ive always played music, and i guess the same is true of Chas and Eric. Charlie has a pretty prolific tape label called Taped Rugs Productions, He has literally hundreds of tapes by now. He’s the one who got me into the whole hometaping and trading thing. I highly recommend trading with him. His solo stuff is great. Same with Eric.

4)In your opinions what genre of music are you?

Individually we all hop genres. In Turkey we hop genres a lot too.. As Spike Jones once said, we are “dinner music for people who aren’t very hungry.” We sound like a broken Nintendo machine.

5)In which city are you currently residing?

Lawrence, Kansas, we call it Larry.

6)What label are you on currently, and which labels have you been on?

Taped Rugs Productions, Charlies label, mostly tapes, starting to make a few CD’s. I burn em at home though.. its no big mass production.

7)Have any of you played in another band?

Tons of other bands, most notably Lipsmacking Kittylunch, a jazz punk combo..the hippies liked us cause we thought we were Zappa doing new wave. Charles has been in Herd of The Ether Space, Disism, Ing, many other projects, Eric’s solo project is called Gerbil Bliss. He’s had some other things too, but I dont know the names of them.

8)Are you all in the process of recording an album or touring?

HA!!!! oh’re serious? no.. Our recording consists mainly of turning on a tape deck and letting it roll.. or playing a game of pass the tape. that;s always fun, and to my ears, usually more interesting when its all done.

9)What is your favorite touring experience?

I went on a tour of the morgue once.

10)Which bands have you toured with?

We really dont do the rock star thing. We’re old men who forget to take our medication. We opened up for The Beatles once.. okay, we didnt really, but we would have if they asked us and we were around then.

11)What are each of your favourite bands?

I can only speak for myself. I like The Residents (old stuff), Ween, Chas. Mingus, Zorn, Beck, the tv when it’s on the nothing channel.

12)What was the last album each of you bought?

Ummm… Lemmee see… I guess it was the most recent Tom Waits disc. Coulda been David Shea’s classical album, I dont really remember. I dont buy too much these days, Im a poor student.

13)What is the weirest sex dream have each of you had?

It’s chronicled on a Turkey tape called “My First Adventure Into 3-D” Its about doughnuts.

14)Which independent label do you think helps the bands in their roster the most?

Oh Taped Rugs Productions definitely, They give us Thorazine and tell us to shut the fuck up!

15)Which zine is your favorite?

Oh, man, I like zines, but I never actually buy them, Im too busy with schoolbooks these days, sometimes i read em on the racks at the record store and put em back once Im done, because, they are really cool in a way, but most of them suck and you cant read the text, and the bands are all people I’ve never heard of and don’t care about..I like the ones on paper with the ink.. those are good.. yeah.

16)Where can people contact the band at?

Taped Rugs Productions
P.O Box 146
Lawrence, KS, 66044

1201 New Jersey St.
Lawrence, KS, 66044

Gerbil Bliss
1203 New Jersey St.
Lawrence, KS, 66044

any of those will work.

17)What places do each of you work in your spare time?

I work at a nursing home on weekends, Im a full time nursing student now, so there’s not much spare time. Unfortunately music takes more of a back seat to school. Eric is studying computer programming, he doesnt work for now. Charlie does some phone teleconferncing thing. He’s the true hardworking musician-taper of the group, he treats it like a religion.

18)For all of our readers, are any of you single?

JUST ME!!! So if youre attracted to big hairy guys with no life, give me a call, Im excellent in bed.. oh yeah…

19)Are you sXe or normal people?

What the fuck are you talking about?

20)In your concerts, which songs by which bands do you cover?

We did “Nights In White Satin”, it was a joke but we did it frighteningly straight… Um, we did a rap of “The Boxer”, Eric did a great tape of imitations of musicians imitating other musicians, (Frank Sinatra does “So You Want To Be A Rock n’ Roll Star” and Euro-gay disco version of “Freebird” among others, contact him, ask for it, its terrific!) and Charlie also has several cover song tapes, and does a lot of covers on his other tapes. hmmm. what else do we cover… Oh yeah, our best cover, “We’re An American Band”!

21)In you had the chance, would you sign on to a major label,or stay independant?

fuck all that lameass rockstar bullshit. Unless there’s a lot of money involved.

22)Which Sesame Street Character is the best-looking?

I always found myself, even though I’m militantly hetrosexual, attracted to Mr. Hooper..

23)Does the band have a webpage?

No, we keep saying we’re going to get around to it, but we just never have, We do have a page on, where people can download our noise, but it just seems self indulgent and sillly to me to actually do a whole webpage, maybe someday when the drugs wear off.

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