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Can you tell NeuFutur who plays what in Silver in December, and how the name of the band came to be?

N: Nathaniel Lien – Drums/Vocals
Chris Lien- Rhythm Guitar/Lead Vocals
Peter Michael- Penis Horn
Ryan Young- Lead Guitar

Silver In December was a name thought up by our front man Chris Lien…dont ask me why it is what it is…It just is!!

R: Well Chris and I wanted to start a band so we did but we needed a drummer and bassist. So we ended up asking Chris’s brother Nathaniel to play drums. Then we just needed a bass player; we had a bass player but he was crazy so we got rid of him and so we asked long time friend peter to play even thought he never really played bass but only guitar but he gladly accepted the offer.

How did Silver in December form? Was there any specific event that brought together the current line-up of the band?

N: We are all just good friends and have hung out since we were little…we have all started playing in bands together and we just decided to start this one…

C: Chris wanted to start a band without his little brother, so he asked ryan to be the other guitarist, up to that point it wasnt even Silver In December then came Nate as a last resort for Chris to turn to for drums. The band went without a bassist for a while and played 2 shows without one then let the Evil Vaugn [Jeff Hinkel] play bass for a show and we all knew that wouldnt work out so we parted with Jeff and basically told Peter to buy a bass and play for us, so he did.

R: The only thing I can think of is losing the evil vaughn and picking up Peter to make what is now Silver In December.

Do you see success as being created from the connections that bands in a local scene like Greencastle make with other local acts or does success have to be created from ties with more national acts? Essentially, is local scene unity or national band networking a better way to ensure farther success?

N: Definitely National Band Networking….A great example of that is LED BY LAST…they have thought us so much and made us move on so much with our band…and they tour the country constantly….

C: If you play more shows with bands from across the US it is a better way of getting your name out, but you always have to start local. I’d say networking with other national bands would be more of a way to achive success.

R: I think you have to have both. When a band is just getting started you need local band to help you get started but just playing with local bands wont get your band very far. After playing local shows and when the band starts to come together, then you need to be contacting other bands. And that will get the band noticed better and have a better chance of getting big.

Can you explain the issues concerned with the mastering of your 2005 Production demo? The music on the disc is hard to surpass but the production seems lacking. For future recordings, what individuals or studios would you like to work with?

N: Well lets just say we were not at all happy with the mastering that we did….the recording was great, but the mastering was far from that…we are now looking into Farm Fresh Studios in Bloomington Indiana and working with Jacob Belser…we cant wait!

C: Mike Perry did wonderful job of recording the 3 track demo. The production on the demo isn’t perfect by any means but I believe it is something that you can send to record labels because they don’t want “perfection” at first because they want something they can work with. After all it is only a demo. I in the future would much rather work with a new producer/recorder such as Artisan in Brazil or even a bigger recording studio somewhere else, it’ll just have to take research.

R: I think that the mastering of the demo was pretty good concidering how long we spent on it. I think we need to save up money and record somewhere well known and spend alot of time in the studio so we can have the best sounding recording that we can have.

What are the plans for Silver in December in the next year? There seems to be some sections of the band that are decidedly more developed than others (stage act, merchandise being two of the ‘better” developed), but what exactly do each of you feel is something that Silver in December needs to do better to ensure success in the future?

N: Song writing….It seems that every song that we write seems to get better and better…the only way to keep that up and to get us better would be to keep writing songs…we seem to be in a dry spell right now where no one wants to write anything… I think they will wake up once the studio comes around!

C: We plan on playing as much as we can out of Putnam County this summer and even in other states like Iowa, Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio, and maybe Wisconsin. Hopefully get in to the studio and record a full length CD to release early 2006. We need to work on new recordings and work on writing new material.

R: I think that we need to start writing songs that dont have to do with killing and things like that because even though some people might like them it mostly just keeps people away.

You have been touring much more than practically any Greencastle band in your generation (some of the older, more established acts like Willis, Pvrenchymv and Burn The Red Sky regularly play out-of-area venues); what bands or concerts particularly hold good memories for the band? Have there been any bad touring experiences for band? If any person wants to bring Silver in December to their area, what needs to be considered?

N: Led By Last sticks out the most and I know that all of the other members probably wrote that same thing…The worst was going to Brazil Indiana to a show where about 20 people stood….including 3 other bands and our parents and friends that we brought…so really it was a practice in front of other bands!


C: Well definitely the most memorable concert to date would be “Cornstalk” at the North Putnam High School. Even though it is somewhat local it was a wonderful turn out and we made over $150.00 that night off of CD’s, T-Shirts, Stickers basically all of our merch and then some money for supplying the PA system. Rhinos in Bloomington was also pretty awesome because the amount of people from GC that followed us and Led By Last down there. As for bad touring experiences, not having anything except “Big Red”, Ryans old truck, to haul our stuff in. We are working on getting a trailer…by the way…just give us time…

If you want us to come to your area just e-mail us ([email protected]) or Josh Query ([email protected]) and give us a date and time and we will most likely be there. We love to play in front of new people. We just will ask for a little bit of money for gas and that is it.

R: Led By Last, because they have helped us along the way by getting us shows and furthering our band. If you want us to come in your area you will have to know that we play some music that some people dont like and may be insulted by it.

Silver in December follows largely the path forged by bands like Brand New and Senses Fail; what other acts have been important in creating the Silver in December sound? What is the most embarrassing CD that each member of the band has on their shelves?

N: It would be so hard to really narrow it down…its a new band every day! My most embarrassing would be my Usher CD!

C: O man, we have so many influences, Brand New and Senses Fail are definitely 2 of the main ones but other bands such as, Fall Out Boy, Hawthorne Heights, The Early November, The Used, My Chemical Romance, and future sensation Led By Last of course (very good friends and we love them guys so much. I can remember when I had the very first Backstreet Boys CD…yes I know its pitiful, but we all had our boy band stage…

R: I think Led By Last has influenced us a lot musicly and mostly performance wise. I dont have any embarrassing CD’s because if the CD sucks I just throw it away.

How have things changed since the insertion of Joshua Query (Face First Industries) into eir current role as manager? Is there more time to write and create music when certain things (like touring) are being done by another party?

N: Definitely…Josh has done so much for us! Without Josh Silver In December would not be what it is today! Josh was the first person besides our parents that believed that we had something going…and he might have been before our parents….He came to one of our first 5 shows as SILVER IN DECEMBER and he was ready to be our manager! Thanks man!

C: Josh has been so good to us. He gets stuff done when we need him to and he has helped us improve our sound and our live show. He is a great teacher and an awesome role model. We probably wouldn’t be where we are today if we didnt have him.

R: He has only helped us. Josh has ran sound many times for our shows and he has helped us get shows around the Indiana area.

What does each member of Silver in December want to do with and have the band do for eir? If things went your way, what type of beast would Silver in December be in two or three years?

N: If all went well in a reasonable or reachable goal…Silver In December would like to have a full length album sent out to 5 big name lables and be talking to at least 3 about contracts, all while touring the country playing big shows such as spots on Warped Tour and such…

C: Well its a long shot but we have hopes and dreams of getting signed. All it takes is that one show with that one tallent scout in the crowd. And of course we plan on taking over the world…

R: I hope to get big in the Indiana area for now but in the future I hope to tour around the country.

If individuals are interested in Silver in December, how does one find information on the band (whether it is pictures, music, or the like?) Should NeuFutur’s readers be looking out for Silver in December in either live or recorded form?

N: Definitely Live!! As of now…dont listen to our recordings and think that is who we are! Ask anyone who has seen us live! Please…and go to or to see us!

C: Look out for our live shows. The recordings we have are nothing compared to what the live show is. To contact us just go to our purevolume page at

R: Go to the website!

Final thoughts from each member of the band (these thoughts can be silly, serious, or anything).

N: Thank you for this interview and I would like to thank all of you that are reading this for well….reading this! And I love you Bekah Trinkle you are way awesome!

C: Well when we get signed and rich and such, I plan on buying a goat. And I also want to buy a new guitar, but not till after the goat…

R: Keep on rockin’ world. Thanks again! Keep on rocking Silver in December!

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