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Bassist Dex from The Refills was nice enough to sit down with JMcQ for InterStitial and this site. What lead to the formation of The Refills? How exactly did your former band, The Stines, break up?

Well I always wanted to get a punk band started but its hard to find people that are good and that are dedicated. It started with me and T-bird jamming all the time and looking for a drummer and after months of looking we recruited Eric to play drums and we started The Refills. After a few months of playing T-bird quit and we got Shayne to play guitar for us. Playing for The Stines was a different experience.I guess I just didnt like the style of music that we were playing,and I didnt really want to play drums anymore. Practices started slowing down and we eventually just stopped.

How does it feel to get out from the drum kit?

It feels really good. I mean, drums are fun but they just get boring, plus its not that easy to play drums and sing. Im playing bass and singing now so its alot different.

What influences does each member of The Refills bring to the band?

Shayne is an awesome guitarist with a lot of ideas in mind. He really fills up the songs with some good leads. Eric takes different styles of drumming and mixes them with your average punk rock rock beats to change things up. As for me, I am working hard to learn new things on bass and make our songs more complex.

How many originals have you cooked up for your set? Were these songs written prior to the founding of The Refills or have they came easy with this lineup?

We have eight originals so far and more in the process of being made. They were all writtin by me and T-bird within the first few weeks of starting The Refills. Most of them came to us pretty easily.

What was your most memorable (or hardest to remember) concert experience, either playing or attending?

Every show is an awesome experience. I’m usually too drunk to remember things though.Haha

Would you rather be well-known in the scene, pulling in 100 individuals per show or able to play longer, national tours maybe pulling in 20 people per night?

I would have to say I would rather be well-known in the scene (not just the punk scene) and playing shows wherever we can,and hopefully alot of people will show up to see us.

What bands do you get along with best in town? Are there any problems with the scene that you feel need to be fixed before Lancaster can actually reach that next level?

We get along with all the bands for the most part. As for Lancaster reaching the next level, I think the bands just need to get their shit together and everyone should play a part in doing something to make this town a little more fun.

Could you enlighten us about the recording studio that you are building? What equipment will it have, what will you be able to do, and how much will it be for bands to record?

The studio is still in the process of being built but will be up and running shortly. I will be using a Behringer MX2442A mixer, with Cool Edit Pro to record, Marshall, Nady,and Shure mics, a Line 6 Vetta For guitar (or whatever the band Prefers) , a Gallien-Krueger for bass (if needed), and a nice drum kit for those without a nice one. I will be able to do lots of different things, for the most part anything. I am still a little rusty with MIDI but i am improving. Not really sure how much I am going to charge yet but it will not be expensive at all.

What are the plans for the band in the next few months? Are there going to be any albums, compilations, or the like you are going to be on? Any tours or shows you will be playing?

We have an album coming out very soon,not sure if its going to be with a record label or not but it will be out in late January or early February so check it out. We will also be on a compilation being put out by Neufutur Records here soon. We are in the process of trying to get new equipment (amps and such) so if you would like help us out we would be very greatful. Every penny counts. But other than that we will be playing at the VFW in Lancaster on the 23rd of December and the 1st of January.

Finally, how can people get in contact with you?

I have an e-mail adress, [email protected] , our site is at or I am always around town or at my house doing something.

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