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Satellite, one of the best progressive rock bands in Poland, announced their return!

Wojtek Szadkowski has once again invited other musicians from neo-prog Collage to create a masterpiece of space, melody and beautiful sounds. The new album entitled “Into The Night” is the final chapter of the trilogy started in 2003 by “A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset” and followed by “Evening Games” in 2005. As the band claims, it’s their third and best offering.

Satellite was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski, who wrote and co-wrote nearly all of Collage’s music and lyrics. It was meant to be only Wojtek’s solo-project but soon became a real band… As Wojtek recalls: “… I invited other musicians to play music without any commitments or plans to record an album. In a way, I wanted to go back to the beginnings, to playing music spontaneously, music which could be played without any barriers, to feel this fresh breeze of creativity again. … It was like a new beginning for me. I wanted to start from the scratch to feel creative again, and to feel a particular uncertainty, which one can experience only in the beginning of writing new music for a totally new project. I didn’t know how it would end up and this was really very fascinating. From the beginning, it was fully my own solo project.”
Satellite started recording the album, “A Street Between Sunrise and Sunset,” on April 6, 2002. The album was released in March 2003 by Metal Mind Productions. The second album, “Evening Games” was released in late February 2005 and reached no 8 at the top100 best selling records in Poland in February (no 2 as far as only Polish releases are concerned). At the beginning of June 2005, regular rehearsals begun to convert Satellite out of Wojtek’s solo studio project into a real ban). On September 22nd 2005 Satellite recorded a live DVD.

2007 marks the return of Satellite. In March 2007 the band had a privilege to play at the famous Baja Prog Festival in Mexico and today they are working on their new studio album. In the meantime Satellite welcomed Jarek Michalski (bass) as a new band member.

The album “Into The Night” is now in the final stage of the recordings. It will be available in two formats: a standard CD and a digipak CD with two bonus tracks. The European release date is set on 5th November 2007 / in US: 20th November (via MVD).

Tracklist and cover artwork to be confirmed soon.

2003 “A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset” CD (MMP CD 0199)
2005 “Evening Games” CD (MMP CD 0297) / CD Digipak limited edition (MMP CD 0298 DG) / Bonus Video limited edition CD (MMP CD 0357)
2005 “Evening Dreams” DVD (MMP DVD 0050) / DVD+CD digipack limited edition (MMP DVD 0051)
2007 “Into The Night” CD (MMP CD 0559) / CD DG (MMP CD 0560 DG)

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