Posted on: October 24, 2007 Posted by: James McQuiston Comments: 0

This is a 6 song EP out on Noise/Futurist Records. Hellhammer was formed in 1983, and lasted until 1984, when two members of Hellhammer left the band and formed Celtic Frost, which is one of the most popular metal bands out there today. Hellhammer is speed/death metal and the recording on this tape is really shitty. The only thing different about Hellhammer from all the other Speed metal bands is that Hellhammer is more rock oriented, which made them more talented. They are another foreign band, hailing from Berlin. Their death metal side can really be heard in “Triumph of Doom” which is a very slow tempoed song with a screaming thing going on, but the same great guitars are playing in all of the tracks. This was metal that was about 5 years ahead of its time. It had Fast drums and guitars and non noticeable bass, and Hellhammer has influenced many bands, like Tankard, and they should be remembered as a great band. The vocals are fucking hard to hear, however

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