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Keyboard Cathy – Sushi Lover / 2007 Self / 7 Tracks / /

Keyboard Cathy began her career in the music industry after watching the impressive 2005 film adaptation of “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”. 2006 saw the release of Keyboard Cathy’s first album “Inspiration”, and 2007 marks the release of Cathy’s first EP, “Sushi Lover”. Despite the fact that these albums are released at a breakneck speed, the skill and talent exhibited by Cathy on them far outstrips other individuals in this genre. This EP provides listeners with remixed and reworked versions of her cover of “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”, as well as “Eternity” and “Give A Little More”.

Of particular note to fans of Keyboard Cathy has to be the new track “Miracle Worker”, which puts forth the titular instrument in a very focal point, while the vocals of Cathy struggle with the keyboard for dominance. The instrumentation pushes forth the track, and the resulting sound has a very seventies / early eighties sound to it. Hints of “2112”-era Rush are present in the instrumentation, while Cathy’s vocals have an equal percentage of Disney soundtrack and Olivia Newton-John. The track is a little on the long side, but there is enough in the way of variation in this track to keep individuals interested and listening. The classical style of singing is continued during the title track, but Keyboard Cathy throws a curveball in that there are a number of vocal layers to give the track a fuller sound than was achieved with “Miracle Worker”. Where most spoken parts in music flop miserably, the spoken parts of “Sushi Lover” succeed, reminding listeners of the musical version of Little Shop of Horrors.

“Give A Little More” continues with the general trends present on this EP, but the inclusion of drums to the track provides a nice variation to the general formula used on the rest of the disc’s tracks. While the vocals during “Give A Little More” still have the classical sound to them, Keyboard Cathy’s vocals have more than a hint of a Cyndi Lauper to them. The style of music that is present on “Sushi Lover” is a little different than what is currently popular, but Cathy’s attention to detail and interesting approaches taken make this EP into something special. Keep an eye on Keyboard Cathy; subsequent albums will only have her tighten up what is already a pretty impressive sound.

Top Track: Miracle Worker

Rating: 6.8/10

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  1. Frigg and I would like to also make people aware of our debut album which was inspired by the works of Keyboard Cathy.
    It’s called “Frigg and Lakhannaporn Sing and Swing” featuring covers like “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love” and the indoubidable hit “Lakhannaporn’s Lunchtime Frigg”

    Using just a piece of wood as backing instrumentation, Frigg and Lakhannaporn have reinvented the way we hear music today-

    Madonna- Watch yo back biatch!

    Lakhannaporn… and yes… i DO have porn in my name

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