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I reviewed Dorothea #1 a few months back. Luckily Mike, the author of Dorothea, found the review and sent me “Lazy Boy”, a zine about Mike’s experience with sex, masturbation, and self-doubt. The original aim of Lazy Boy, as described in the one-sheet stapled to the back cover, was to “be a gay men’s magazine”. I personally like the current iteration of “Lazy Boy” more than I think I would have liked the alternate bent of the publication. Mike’s method of storytelling is engrossing and plays upon feelings common to anyone that has been through the oddness of teenage years. There is little more to the layout than Times New Roman text and handwritten titles; Mike’s style is what makes “Lazy Boy” so damn interesting. I think a parallel to the gay story magazines that are mentioned throughout “Lazy Boy” are in order; while not only about sex and sexual encounters, the emotions and rawness of the writings here are more than enough to titillate and excite. However, Mike straddles the line between a pornography-heavy magazine and one in which sex and sexuality is a major part. This careful balance ensures that “Lazy Boy” will be able to be read by a larger contingent than the 18+ crowd. While this seems to be a one-shot at this current time, I would really like to read more of this type of writing. I liked this more than Dorothea, which was a solid ‘zine in its own right. Kudos to Mike.

Rating: 9.0/10

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