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The Ghosts of Ready Reference / :15 / 32 Pages / Fourth-Sized / Love Bunni Press, 2622 Princeton Road, Cleveland Heights, Ohio 44118 / 

Finally, a topic that I am familiar with and can vouch as being reasonably accurate. In The Ghosts of Ready Reference, Volume Two, a cast of characters has their lives in the library fleshed out through their interactions with a librarians. The typical cast of miscreants in library lore are all here, a motley crew of homeless, mentally disturbed, and creepy people make for some interesting anecdotes. Aside from being incredibly static with the page layout, the editor chooses to include various random facts from different books (mainly through tables liberated from old governmental manuals). Another checkmark for The Ghosts… would have to be the use of approximate dialect to show differences between the characters, which has the benefit of reducing the monotony that one could feel as a result of reading the zine. The only thing that I could possibly suggest to make this zine any better would be to shrink the text of the zine – right now, the twelve point font used in this issue really doesn’t allow for much in the way of anecdotes to be fully unraveled in the space of 32 pages. Even though I could identify with the editor of this ‘zine, being a librarian in a sense myself, I still feel that anyone that has ever worked with people will feel some sort of connection or familiarity with this narrative. A fun zine, cheap, and a real rebound for Love Bunni Press after the abysmal From The Diane Files. Hope to see volume three of this in stores somewhat soon.

Rating: 8.5/10

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