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I know that a long time back, I used to play Vampire: The Masquerade. One of the clans in this RPG (role playing game) was the Brujah. The reason why this is relevant at all is that the title of Tim Madden’s new book – The Bruja’s Tale – is similar to that of the Brujah clan. Tim Madden’s Homepage provides individuals with an insight into the work, which deals with witchcraft (particularly, the brand of magic worked by individuals of the Maya tribe), a murder, and various tawdry relations. If individuals wished to Buy The Book, the cost is more than reasonable – shipped, Media Mail, to one’s door only kicks it a few cents over the $20 mark. Individuals that are used to a very American, stereotypical type of work will not find much solace in The Bruja’s Tale – like a good salsa, there is enough spice present to make individuals go into overdrive. If individuals would like to break out of their comfort zone and try a work that always challenges conceptions and proper methods of behavior, I would have to recommend The Bruja’s Tale. The web site provides a great description and easily-navigable links that will further sell the book on anyone that is of a literary bent.

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  1. Thanks for your help in promoting The Bruja’s Tale. You’ve underlined some of the “salsa” I hoped readers would enjoy. A point of info: should your readers like to explore Guatemalan culture, shamanism, or my motives for writing the book, they can visit my blog at: Thanks again for your help. Tim Madden

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