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Pet Adoption Center is a Nintendo DS game, published by Ubisoft, that is only available at Toys ‘R Us. For those possible purchasers that do not have a TRU in your area, I would say to hit up their website and make any and all effort to pick up Pet Adoption Center. This is due to the fact that Pet Adoption Center is a Sims-like affair where individuals are the head of the titular agency, ensuring that each pet placed under their care is at a level of health that makes them happy and more likely to be picked up by new owners.

The graphics, while not essential for a simulation game, are sharp enough to differentiate between different breeds and animals, and the game has enough in the way of functions to ensure that players can take a number of different approaches to the animals that are in their care. The different types of animals, be they deer, cat, rabbit, dog, or the like – have different scores on the behavior, activity, and weight sliders, ensuring that differential treatment is the norm, not the exception. Aside from the “normal” types of game play that are present during Pet Adoption Center, players gain the full use of the DS’s abilities, due to the fact that they can interact with each animal through use of the stylus and different voice commands.

There is a little difficulty in the game when it comes to giving animals off to prospective families, but this should be seen as an application of a real life occurrence – when running a pet adoption center, are the individuals that you are giving an animal to the right family for that animal? The number and types of different animals that are thrown your way during a game of Pet Adoption Center drastically increase the amount of fun that an individual will have playing the game. I hope that enough in the way of players will see this title as positively as I do; I have a nagging suspicion that its intuitive game play and fun style will be lost in the shuffle, due to the fact that it is an exclusive game. If you are a fan of games like Catz, Dogz, or even Hospital Tycoon and The Sims, you will love Pet Adoption Center. Get over to your local Toys R Us or order it from their web site: you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 8.0/10

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  1. Hi i would like to know how do i get the foods to the animal i went to the storeroom and i can’t get the food

  2. You click on the animal you want to get the food, water, or toys from. Next you drag the food, water, or toys from the boxes it’s in to the outer boxes.

  3. i really need help, cuz i can’t examine the rabbit or brush him and i keep repeating the same level,and it’s geetting anoying.pleeease help.

  4. The well is straight up pretty much from the dog encloser. Maybe to the right a little too. Hope this helped. If it didn’t look all over the property of the Sunshine Adoption Center.

  5. Go to the rabbit, click on him or her, then, click on the eye on the menu that popped up. You will be in his or her encloser now. Click on the rabbit and pick the magnifying glass to examine and then answer a question. Get the brush from the store room click on rabbit, click on eye on the menu that popped up. Click on the rabbit and then the brush to brush rabbit. Rub the brush on rabbit to brush him or her. Hope it helped. Tell me if it didn’t. Good luck!

  6. I need the answers for the whole test. Please help me. I don’t know what question I am missing. Help please. Help.

  7. Just starting a new game-our first one. We’ve gone to the existing guinea pigs and hamsters and we can not click on feed or any other option, only the clip board. Tried going to the storage room and the cupboards are empty. WE tried the directions above of clicking on the animal and it only allows us to select the clipboard. Help.

  8. help!! im stuck on the dog. every day the boss just says that dogs need lots of attention and patience but even if i spend the whole day with the dog nothing happens and he says the same thing the next day. PLEASE HELP!!!

  9. i try to give the animals water but i don’t know how to fill the water thing, i’m new with this please help.

  10. I know it’s been awhile since this was posted and I’m probably one of the only people still playing this game, but I’m almost to day 150 and I have yet to find/get a deer. I have made it past 150 in the past (and accidentally cleared the game) and never saw a deer in that game either. When will I find a deer?

    Also, if anyone still cares, just comment and I can help you through both tests.

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