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“Machine” is the first track on “Snitches Get Stitches”, and it shows that Rahway is an act that really appreciates 80s metal, with hints of “Dog Eat Dog”-era Warrant, Motley Crue, and even a little bit of the stoner-metal put forth by acts like Corrosion of Conformity and Fu Manchu. The result is something that is heavy as hell, catchy as all-get-out, and is current as well. A number of acts spend their career following a genre or musical approach that is dead and buried, but Rahway makes hair metal something contemporary and in your face.

“Pull It Out” changes Rahway’s influences up slightly, blending Van Halen with Ministry, White Zombie, and Pantera. Couple that sound with Visconti’s vocals, which could easily be confused with a James Hetfield, and what individuals have is a track that will drill its way deep into listeners’ heads. The band has a masterful control of their instruments, creating a pit-worthy breakdown that will remind listeners of early Anthrax and Armored Saint. The band gets down and dirty with their next track, “Highway”. However, rather than just attacking their listeners with a wall of sound for the entirety of the track, Rahway continues to show their diversity by having a little bit of a country twang to Visconti’s vocals even as the band pushes forth three minutes of sheer power.

The atmosphere that Rahway creates with the epic drumming that starts out “Different From The Norm” will draw individuals in, and it is the slinky arrangements that follow forth that will keep listeners intent and focused in. The churning, bowel-shaking power of the band is seen easiest here. In an era where there are so many bad and boring radio-rock bands, I pray and hope that Rahway is able to get some serious airplay. The fact that the band can link together a number of different types of metal into one cohesive entity bodes well for the metal genre generally, and the fact that they can draw in other, seemingly unrelated genres (like country) provides further vitality to an ailing metal genre. Make sure to pick up a copy of “Snitches Get Stitches”, drive out to one of their shows, and be prepared to get completely blown away by the energy and fury of this New Jersey band.

Top Tracks: Coke Whore, 9/16

Rating: 8.5/10

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