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The past year has seen The Black Ghosts’ ethereal Electronic Soul building them a formidable reputation with the quiet confidence that befits the duo’s enigmatic style.  With the cold, steely riffs and floor-smashing beats of the much admired Theo Keating AKA Touché, ably augmented by erstwhile Simian vocalist Simon Lord, The Black Ghosts’ have begun to reveal their unique, electro-noir spirit through a brace of limited addition white-labels and their strikingly original DJ sets, that see Simon unfettering his spine-chilling vocals and shadowy tales.

Fact: Did you know that the Justice remix of “We are Your Friends” which features Simon, was initially written in not such a positive light?  Hear Simon discuss  this plus The Black Ghosts’ dark side. Check it out here

After unveiling their unstoppable EP “Any Way You Choose to Give It’ The Black Ghosts are preparing to release their highly-anticipated debut full-length “The Black Ghosts”on IAMSOUND July 8, 2008, which features the electro-pop groove and first single, ‘Repetition‘ showcasing the vocal stylings of very special guest, Damon Albarn. Other gems include ghetto-gothic ‘Any Way You Chose To Give It’ and the lyrically dark, bassed-out ‘Some Way Through This’. This album will surely make many year end top critics polls and be your favorite summer long player.

“their upcoming debut album leaves absolutely nothing to be desired in the indie-dance-worthy-of-your-fanatism department. Their current single “Anyway You Choose To Give It” sounds like Megaman disco dancing with Crystal Castles, and the reigning Best Song of the Summer” –Sup

“This 4 song boner that pokes back to the 80’s erotic pop era when West End Girls, some bigger than others, slithered into bathroom stalls like Karma Chameleons only to overdose on Candy and fall crashing down through a Heart of Glass”  – Tripwire

The Black Ghosts are breaking the mold of pop, crafting love songs that explore the dark side of relationships which conventional pop love songs won’t venture into. ‘Any Way You Choose to Give It’ (click here to Simon and his torch and twang) finds its protagonist in an unenviable, but familiar position – feeling randy, but racked with doubt and cynicism. “I challenge you to make the wrong move,” sings Simon, outraged by the object of his lust’s supposed perfection. On ‘Some Way Through This’, The Black Ghosts become tormented by the faulty human instinct to make mutual happiness as difficult to achieve as possible. While Theo’s electronic orchestra stabs with an assassin’s grace, Simon implores the source of his frustration that he ” will do whatever it takes to put a smile upon your face ” and laments that it’s only “if my hands were around your throat would you tell me what I need to know.” During ‘It’s Your Touch’, a casual cynic tries to reason out his new found love, only settling for a base, feral attraction as convincing enough stimulus. “I guess you’re wondering what I’m doing for you… And I guess that I’m wondering quite the same thing…” Simon drawls, exasperated, as Theo’s West Coast folk-rock accompaniment exudes lush indulgence and a dangerous wistfulness.

“The Black Ghosts will get you moving without fail…. The result is dark, daring electro-synth songs with thoughtful lyrics taken from a cynical and strangely empowering perspective.” –, artist of the day

“The Black Ghosts are uncommon pop geniuses with a knack for catchy songs that avoid cliches.”  TBG Can rock the funky beats and sing. They have a knack for combining dance-punk indie-pop and electro-breaks, and somehow do it without sounding lame.”    -XLR8R

“There’s the makings of the next electropop sensation”. – Pop Matters

And those that made it out to their Vice “Tales of Colt 45” Tour were able to witness firsthand the bangin’ tracks off their forthcoming album brought to life and party all night to the incomparable dance-floor wrecking sets that take place only when The Black Ghosts are up on the decks. If you missed it, don’t worry, they will be back in July amidst performing at some of this year’s hottest international festivals including Gatecrasher, Rock Ness and Glastonbury. ***Tour Dates To Be Announced Soon***

And never ones to take the conventional route, The Black Ghosts have teamed up with CULT-GEIST, a global network of filmmakers, photographers, artists, curators, promoters and musicians, to create a video for every track on the album to be premiered each week alternating between Big Stereo and Missing Toof which debuted on May 5th. Check out dark and chilling video for ‘Some Way Through This’ below.



Here’s the original version of the video:


“If there’s one thing the barbaric denizens of this video’s  dystopian Lego city love, it’s a thick electro-pop groove. Little yellow men and womern dance, drink, patronize strip clubs, ignore homeless people, and kill one another. The dark, pseudo-political  message isn’t very subtle, and it’s softened only by the kaleidoscopic pyschosis of the Gondry-biting gimmick.” – Spin




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