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Racing games are always fun, but it seems that most of the focus is one the car side of things. Ducati Moto looks to rectify it, by having an extreme amount of customization and differenetiation between the different modes, makes, and tracks that individuals can play on. Rather than being a solo type of experience, the game itself allows up to four players the chance to play and compete against one another, using such bikes as the Hypermotard, the Desmosedici RR, and the Monster to clock the quickest times possible. However, racing is just one of many modes are available to players, meaning that there are the typical time-based missions, but that there are other modes, such as stunt challenges, that ensure that a broader skill set will be necessary to declare oneself the king of Ducati Moto.

The graphics are surprisingly sharp for a DS game, ensuring that players will honestly feel that they are immersed in the ancient lands of North Africa or are hurtling through the Italian city side. The amount of bikes available to players is large enough, and the bikes differentiated enough (through differential ratings on the engine, exhaust, suspension, and tires) that there will be a number of strategies necessary to be a king of the mountain for the game. The online capability of the game is easy enough, meaning that individuals that want to play will be racing along whichever track they so choose in a matter of minutes, rather than having to wait any good time to ensure that everyone’s DS is on the same page.

While there could be a little more in the way of realism injected in the game through the inclusion of damage indicators on the bikes (and lessening of performance through riding the bikes hard), Ducati Moto is the preeminent racing game that we’ve had the chance to review up to this point on the DS. Further racing games will have a large set of shoes to fill, as individuals will attempt to best their time and beat their friends at every time, making this a game that will be with the DS for a long period of time. Here’s to hoping the Vir2L and Bethesda continue their excellent work that makes the DS much less of a child’s console, which still remaining the large audiences that have made the system such a hit in practically any region of the world.

Rating: 8.3/10

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