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On October 28, 2008, Portland’s Greyday Records will release The Heligoats’ The End of All-Purpose EP. This EP is several years in the making, written and recorded by Chris Otepka, former singer/songwriter from Chicago’s Troubled Hubble.

The End of All-Purpose EP contains six songs by Otepka and includes guest performances by veteran musicians such as drummer Kenny Aronoff, saxaphonist Michael Levin, violinist Kara Eubanks, and more. On this EP, Otepka takes you to a deeper, darker place than attained on any of his previous endeavors.

The Heligoats was Otepka’s first songwriting outlet. He wrote his first pieces in 1998 before eventually forming Chicago-based Troubled Hubble, a successful touring band that took up much of his musical energy from 1999-2005. During lulls in Troubled Hubble’s career, Otepka would still write songs for The Heligoats, some of which ended up as TH songs, but most of which can be found on his various Heligoats recordings: Heated Arguments, Mountains, Sapling Sessions, etc. After Troubled Hubble played their last show, Otepka began working on The End of All-Purpose. Being the perfectionist that he is, Otepka took a few years to record, listen, re-mix, and finish up these six songs, all the while touring, contemplating the nutritional value of dinosaur feet, and writing a full-length (due out in early 2009).

Greyday Records, home to Head of Femur, Southerly, Minmae, Piney Gir, LKN, and more, teamed up with The Heligoats early summer 2008 to release the EP. Label founder Todd Berry says of the partnership, “Otepka has done the impossible and actually out-weirded everyone on our roster. In fact, everyone they know. And are related to. He’s right at home here.”

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  1. awesome, can’t wait. the other Hubbles have new bands too I guess… Josh is in Picture Books and Nate & Andrew are in Kid, You’ll Move Mountains. both of them sound pretty good too.

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