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Kenny Lattimore is an individual that, while not gaining the same commercial success of some of eir colleagues, has cultivated a rapid fan base over the last twenty years. “Timeless” is the disc that is poised to bring Lattimore’s soul-filled stylings into the mainstream, something that is first provided to listeners during the disc’s introductory track, “Something”. Of course, tracks like “And I Love Her” (The Beatles), “Ain’t No Way” (Aretha Franklin), and “Undeniably” (Terence Trent D’Arby) are easy to know as covers, but some tracks are out of left field – Donny Hathaway’s “Giving Up” and Norman Connors’ “You Are My Starship” – are two examples.

The slow arrangements that are present during “Something” allow the trills and nuances of Lattimore’s voice to shine through as clear as day, as well to keep the momentum high when listeners transition over to the disc’s second track, “Everybody Here Wants You”. The funky, deliberate groove of “Everybody Here Wants You” provides the perfect slow jam for anyone that may be looking to get into a proper mood, something that is further cultivated during “You Are My Starship”. “You Are My Starship” really stands as a good example of what individuals will associate for the entirety of the disc: while the instrumentation here is solid, it does not overwhelm Lattimore’s smooth vocals in the slightest. Later tracks on “Timeless” are just as solid as “Something”, too: “That’s The Way Love Is” comes forth with an energetic Lattimore, giving listeners an uptempo track that has the aforementioned vocals pulling double duty: more than just telling a story with eir lyrics, Lattimore’s vocals take on an instrumental style, furthering the cohesion of the track.

While individuals may not have heard of Lattimore up to this point, Lattimore throughout each of the 11 tracks on “Timeless” shows that any fan of smooth, jazz and funk-infused music should pick up eir discography. There are no weak points during the track, making for a cohesive album that is purely Lattimore, even when one considers that these tracks were originally recorded by other individuals. With eir marriage to fellow R&B star Chante Moore going strong and “Timeless” being yet another jewel in eir crown, Lattimore is poised to go into the ‘tens as one of the best R&B stars currently releasing music. Make it a point to pick up “Timeless” and see exactly why that is.

Top Tracks: Giving Up, And I Love Her

Rating: 7.1/10

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  1. I love Kenny Lattimore!!!!… Kenny’s vocals on the cd were completely flawless. He nailed every track!!! Honestly, majority of the covers were better that the original. Kenny Lattiomore is an under-rated artist whom I pray that he gets his recognition due to him. Hands down, he should have gotten 10 stars.. **********

  2. I recently seen Kenny Lattimore and Chante Moore on the Tom Joyner morning show they sang a song that I can’t find ? I must admit I don’t know the title of the song but I heard certain lyrics in the song over and over that led me to believe the title to be: I don’t know how to live with you or I don’t want to live with you or we belong together, before we separate. I simply don’t know but if anyone knows please let me know.

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