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“A Beaten Man” is a track that introduces fans to Strange Day well; the band’s eclectic nature is shown perfectly here. Whether it is the vocals calling forth equal amounts Chris Cornell and Axl Rose or the epic instrumental arrangements that operate in the background, listeners that have a chance to give “A Beaten Man” a few spins will understand the band’s allure. Strange Day does not pigeonhole themselves into a small subset of genres or styles; tracks like “A Beaten Man” or “Coming Of The Sun” will have something present for everyone. “Coming Of The Sun” differs from “A Beaten Man” as it takes a more thoughtful, Audioslave meets “Californication”-era Red Hot Chili Peppers.

The band adds on to this sound through the inclusion of a guitar lines that are reminiscent of the more thoughtful compositions of Dick Dale. “War” represents yet another sea change for Strange Day, as the shrill guitars and scintillating bass lines join together to create a brooding, emotional sound that would make acts like Tool and Queens of the Stone Age proud. The intensity of these compositions is such that no vocals are needed – and when they are added – they spin the track off into new, undiscovered territory. These vocals have the authority and presence of a Bruce Dickinson, albeit a Dickinson that has been acculturated to the works of Muse. “45 Pills” is a straight-forward rock track that brings Strange Day back to the days of Alice Cooper. There are no chinks in the armor, no weaknesses that Strange Day need to fix before their next album-length outing.

The power and energy of the act shines through all of the tracks on “Face The Change”, and every instrument has something important to say on each cut. As the band continues to add Western cities to their itinerary, I have no doubt that the gospel of Strange Day will continue to grow. Despite being 20 years removed from the ascendancy of acts like Nirvana and the aforementioned Soundgarden, I see the band’s tenacity and talent to be similar to those acts. Strange Day will not give up until that time when every household in the United States knows them, and it is this desire that separates them from acts like Fu Manchu and Monster Magnet, which began brilliantly but could not translate that to staying success.

Top Tracks: ‘Til The First Time, Face The Change

Rating: 8.2/10

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  1. I knew strange since befor ethey werew strange day and they’re f-in awesome and theyre arent any bands that have a fornt man that can rock out a show and get the party started even in signed bands today like this band has since day one I just wanted to say that if u havent been to a good show in a while you wANNA PEEP this shyt it an experiance unlike the bullshyt thats passed off as rock now a days

  2. I’m a strange day fan until the very end! since i’ve know about this band i’ve been absolutely crazy about them. keep it up boys. i love your stuff. it’s about damn time they’re recognized!

  3. I’m the girl that texted you by a mistake thinking it was my friend ;]
    you two have the same numbers though ;]
    glad we talked. now i’m a strange day fan =D
    i will add you guys on myspace like you said,when i can get a chance,
    promise (:!

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