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When I think of a bald guy in a black suit I think of that movie The Driver which is one of my favorites although the sequel sucks. Bald Guy Black Suit a four track EP in the vein of some of my favorite post-punk acts is an energy ridden disc with plenty going on. Excelsior! the first track is played exactly like a song with that title should be played–rambunctious.

Sucking you into its boot clapping goodness, Take Care of This is a different song entirely. With a slower tempo and sound in general I sit patiently waiting for them to drop the hammer but they never do kind of like one of those indie-rock songs that plays so hard but you just want them to pick up the fucking pace.

Well, Bald Guy Black Suit must have felt the same thing when putting this EP together, Bad Brains Ripoff, excellent title by the way, is just a good punk song which I would expect since Bad Brains is well Bad Brains (yeah, yeah you elite fucks I know they’re hardcore I don’t wanna hear it.) The final song, Cowbindian (pronounced cowboy-indian), awesome, awesome, awesome really cool song. Bald Guy Black Suit have the formula down with this EP and I’ll be looking forward to a full length soon.

I give it a 7.8/10

Bald Guy Black Suit – Demoo(EP 2008)

-Kristopher D. Shepard (

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