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Throughout all of my youth and legal alcohol-drinking age, I had not found a single type of wine I liked until New Year rolled around last year. I had purchased a bottle of champagne (Korbel) and liked it, and moved into Verdi soon after. However, I still had my doubts about a more traditional type of wine, until Clean Slate’s 2007 Riesling came across the desk. The smooth mouth feel of the wine belies a sharper nose, but don’t get me wrong: the wine still has enough power to wash away any remnants of a fancy dinner.

For those individuals that want a solid drinking wine, the 2007 Riesling operates in that role quite well. This is due to the fact that the 10% alcohol percentage hits a sweet spot that allows flavors to come through, even as the individual becomes more bubbly and giddy. The fruity, peach-like quality of the wine is balanced off well by a cold, detached undertone. The complex flavor is one that will allow individuals to drink right up but require them a number of sips to properly digest every twist and turn that the wine provides. Make sure to try this wine both at room temperature and at a slightly chilled level: different qualities of the 2007 Riesling, particularly the wine’s fruity taste, come forth more strongly at a room temperature.

The wine acts well for both male and female identities, adding enough brusqueness and sharpness for the male identity while dulling that edge enough for the female identity to really appreciate what is here. I may not have had much of an experience with wine, but the solid qualities and delightful flavors in this 2007 Riesling will ensure that I plumb the depths for different offerings, both by Clean Slate and in the general Riesling type. Make it a point to go out to your local grocery story or fine wine dealing and search out this offering from Clean Slate. If it’s not on the shelves, make the clerk do a purchase order: this is a wine that is worth the added time and cost.

Rating: 9.0/10

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