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I’m usually not a big fan of EP’s, seeing them as little more than a record company’s quick way to cash in on a rising band with not enough material for a full length. I am, however, willing to make an exception for Dead to Me’s 5 song offering Little Brother. The effort is pretty much hold over until their next proper album is ready, but the songs on the EP are hardly toss offs.

The title track “Little Brother,” is by far the best song yet and the “Arrhythmic Palpitations” is a close second. Blending early 70’s punk rock grit and fight-the-power lyrics with the catchy hooks Fat Wreck bands are known for, San Francisco’s Dead to Me perfectly bridge The Clash to Smoke or Fire.

Formed after the demise of One Man Army, the band turned in the wildly underrated Cuban Ballerina in 2006 and have been touring off and on ever since. In a recent interview, bassist Chicken (yup, Chicken) said the band’s next full length African Elephants, will be out shortly. Until then, Little Brother will do nicely.

Top Tracks: “Little Brother” and “Arrhythmic Palpitations”

Ratings: 8.5/10 (would have been 9 if the record was longer…)

Dead to Me – Little Brother (CD) / 2008 Fat Wreck Chords / 5 tracks

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