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What can you say to hearts that fail
And love that won’t begin
The words you find best fit your mind
Are waiting near the end
Sometimes the softest sounds we speak
Are hardest to digest
Sometimes the sickest swallow sings
Much louder than the rest
Lean into the punches and fall if you must
It’s time shake off all the gathering dust


A bitter heart can be so sweet
When in the throes of full retreat
When mind goes by the way of heart
You learn to make a brand new start
You gain the power and walk in stride
When thoughts once grey are cast aside
Though what is real may not be fair
Love is a choice to feel and dare
To care enough to risk it all
To stand up strong where others fall


Every page I read and every page I write
Reaffirms that there still is light
When times are tough and I feel down
My favorite poet picks me off the ground
My hatred turns to empathy
Though enemies shows no sympathy
I lose myself and I gain the world
I write away my troubles and read away that girl

I read somewhere that we have more food than we could ever eat
Still people will starve
The additives and crap we consume make our senses a little less sweet
Still we aren’t the ones who starve
God’s great nation, he choose us above the rest you say
I think its a load of shit
The middle class is torn in two and the corruption is here to stay
Arts are poisoned by homogenization
Minds deteriorating through deprivation
Almost dead but still its prolonged
Trying to act like this all can belong
When they starve its a starving for life
When we starve its a starving for death
We like to think that we’ve tasted strife
Don’t stop now, don’t hold you’re breath
You’re gonna choke anyways, thats why we breath differently now
Just like the fall of Rome, our citizens are getting weak and passive
Those outside our borders live tougher lives always working the plow
The size of animosity and destruction we are causing is nothing less of massive
I can’t tell you what to do
Because I don’t know myself
I can’t tell you that your wrong
When I’m in such weak health
Maybe if we would reject the things they constantly shove down our throat
But the holes are way to scattered and many to stop the water coming in this boat


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