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We have many amazing small improvements that we will never see or be able to utilize in the current system. Every now and then there comes a great businessman, by great I do not mean one who creates a great monopoly and makes tons of money, I mean one who really stirs up the place bringing out great innovations to help out humanity. Most of the time these innovations are scientifically nothing new, they just have never been marketed due to an equal understanding between monopoles to not allow certain one time selling product to make it on the market, when they can find a way to make it faulty and sell it many times making tons of money.

I would love to have the chance to break down parts of this system from inside the system. This would require me getting a business degree, which one would think would be completely against everything I stand for, however, I believe that this would be to a great benefit of my causes. I already know the basics of how a business is run as there have been at least 5 or 6 businesses that have been ran by my family. I truly believe through hoop jumping just as the greedy men do I will be able to break down parts of these monopolies and make it so things are available cheaply.

One idea of mine is simply producing and selling those ‘forever’ products that we hear about. We have the technology to create and sell light bulbs that will last forever, but this has been kept away by the pacts that the corporations have made. There are many more examples of these types of products and I will later list them as I get the chance.

Another thing that gets to me is how restaurants sell things for a ridiculous amount of money and they actually only paid about a dollar for the stuff going into the food if that and maybe another dollar for employees and maintenance, the rest is pure profit. There truly should be a Non-profit food chain, we could sell organic foods, which only cost a little bit more than the non-organic cardboard & grade D- beef that goes into most fast food. An organic Non-profit food chain with cheap prices, and if it catches on, profit that is made (as this will still make a lot of money even though it is not ridiculous McDonalds type money) can go to setting up and running the same chain in a more needy country for almost free(and completely free if the business succeeds enough).

People generally want to be good and if given the chance to do so in a small way I believe this “business” or “anti-business” as id like to call it could snowball into something much larger, and granted greed does not get in the way, and we are not bought out this has a potential to undo a lot of what our society has done. My complete disgust for business yet understanding that businesses can be humane (taught to me by my family) could keep me going on this. I will soon get a business degree and see if I can’t do my part. I will also keep written journals and documentations of things for every time one of the bigger businesses gets somebody against me or does something to try and stop this from happening, producing that and publishing it on my own.

I believe this is a fight that can be won simply with determination and focus.

The “Anti-Business”

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