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It’s refreshing to hear a band dig further back further in their closest than the last couple of Green Day CDs for musical influences. Ohio’s Two Cow Garage, like label mates Ninja Gun, pay homage to everyone from The Jayhawks to The Replacements and Speaking in Cursive, their fourth full length, is one of their best so far.

The band plays solid college rock with a twang; think early Springsteen in cowboy boots. The band has always excelled at writing great drown-your-sorrows drinking songs, but with Speaking in Cursive, the band offers their darkest record to date. Songs like “Bastards and Bridesmaids”, and “The Heart and The Crown” (the best song Tom Waits never wrote) will stay with you for days. Seven years in the making, Two Cow Garage may finally be the band to take away Wilco’s title as “World’s Favorite Alt Country Rockers.”

Top Tracks: “Bastards and Bridesmaids”, “The Herat and The Crown,” “Not Your Friends”
Rating: 8/10

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