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I do not know how Tiberius Records does it, but it seems that every release that I get from them better in quality, and “The Choir” is no exception. This is an instrumental CD, but don’t let that hold you from buying this killer CD. The bass, guitars and drums really mesh together to make an urgent sound that keeps you bound to the stereo until the end of the song.

Where so many bands detract from the high quality of music with some form of vocals, Ampline has decided to forgo this problem and provide music fit for a cross-country road trip. Imagine At the Drive-In, Tiberius’ own thistle, Jeremy Gloff, any of these acts, without sound, and you will have a weak impression of what Ampline sounds like. Regardless of the quality of the player that you listen to Ampline on, chances are that the incredible musicianship will shine through and cause you, the faithful listener, to have this disc eternally close to your record player at all times. 40 minutes is simply not enough for me to get my fix in of these guys, and I personally hope that they come to my neck of the woods soon. Please buy this records at .

Rating :7.8/10.

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