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Everyone knows that Cabo Wabo tequila is Sammy Hagar’s own brand. However, what individuals may not know is that the spirit is done of the best tequila out on the market, even closing in on the quality of the tequilas being released by the best Mexican tequila houses. Where most spirits have bouquets that hit potential drinkers and quickly fade away, Cabo Wabo’s bouquet is bold, brash, and every bit as masculine as the Red Rocker eirself. The agave body of the bouquet has a little bit of a yeasty smell, sticking around well after interest parties have closed back up the bottle.

This tendency of Cabo Wabo is mirrored quite well in the experience that one has drinking it; a sip or shot will keep the drinker fortified and warm for hours, unlike other spirits that give up the ghost soon after ingestion. The ability of the spirit to be used either as the main or a secondary part of an alcoholic beverage is unsurpassed; where the spirit provides one of the best shot experiences that one can have, the tequila’s use in a marguerite or similar concoction will make for something new and exciting – a reenvisioning of the typical tequila drinks.

While Cabo Wabo has a slam-dunk with their Blanco, go to your local liquor store and purchase their Reposado, Anejo, or step your game up with their signature, $230 (or so) Cabo Wabo Uno. Regardless of the type that you purchase, you will be treated to one of the most memorable tequila experiences that you have ever had. The tequila might have first hit shelves in 1996, but the intricacies and nuances of this spirit will ensure that imbibes have a challenge in front of them (to properly isolate and identify these tequila twists and turns) for years to come.

Rating: 8.6/10

Cabo Wabo (80 Proof) / Tequila / Blanco /

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