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The Number Twelve Looks Like You is one of the few bands that have continually evolved and added to their sound over the course of their career. “Worse Than Alone” marks their fourth album and first since 2007’s “Mongrel”. The disc itself starts out with “Glory Kingdom”, and immediately hits listeners with a more fluid dynamic, manifested through increasingly intense and intricate time signatures. The fury in which they craft “Glory Kingdom” does not give listeners time to sit, think, or otherwise get prepared. “Given Life” is more of the same, but inserts a little bit of hesher melody (think CKY meets Fu Manchu here) into the mix. “To Catch A Tiger” is more deliberate, plodding along but in a different way than many other acts. Rather than using their music as a blunt instrument here, The Number Twelve Looks Like You ties in a little Frank Zappa and At The Drive-In to make for a song that is completely unique, ensuring that “To Catch A Tiger” will be on listeners’ minds for months to come.

“Marvin’s Jungle” is a similarly eclectic type of track, moving from a Lucero meets Against Me! type of vibe into skate-trash before finally settling into some of the hardest metal that this reviewer has ever heard. Each track on “Worse Than Alone” is significantly different than the others, meaning that listeners will have no clue where The Number Twelve Looks Like You wants to take them.

“Worse Than Alone” shows a band that is on the verge of breaking it big, a fact made all the more impressive considering that their style of music is decidedly not what is popular on radio and rock rotation currently. The band’s honest sound cuts to the quick and makes individuals re-evaluate themselves and the types of music that they have dedicated their lives to; The Number Twelve Looks Like You are revolutionary in the purest term. Buy “Worse Than Alone”, and for the love of all that is holy, make it a point to see The Number Twelve Looks Like You live, wherever and whenever they may be playing at a venue near you.

Top Tracks: Given Life, The Garden’s All Nighters

Rating: 8.8/10

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