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Vampyre Vodka is one of the first spirits that we have reviewed that has been distilled or otherwise processed in England. While there are a number of spirits crafted in the Eastern European countries and the Caribbean, Vampyre Vodka looks to make an English-crafted spirit into something formidable instead of forgettable. Available either in clear or red-colored versions, Vampyre Vodka comes forth with relatively plain packaging and documentation.

Where the vodka will begin to ensnare potential imbibers then is in its’ fragrance upon opening the bottle. The harsh vodka chill that usually presents itself when one opens a bottle is not there; Vampyre sneaks and sulks quietly, inviting individuals in for a further inspection. Whether it is as a shot or in a mixed drink, Vampyre captures the mind and spirits of anyone involved: in a shot format, the smoothness previously mentioned as being an integral part of the nose transfers into every shot that is downed. The role that Vampyre plays in mixed drinks is one in which Vampyre’s strongest side is shown: when put together with Orange Juice for example, the vodka taste of Vampyre disappears, replaced only by a sense of warmth. When matched more equally with other spirits or mixers, such as in a Martini, the bodsy of the Vampyre comes out and makes for a complex but lighter drink, one that will inspire rather than render a drinker logey.

If all of the spirits that the TI Beverage Group creates in the same vein (including an Energy Drink, soda, Beer, and Wine) are of a similar quality to Vampire Vodka, I would have to tell all of the Twilight-loving fan base of NeuFutur print and online to check out their wares. If one is only interested in the vodka that they put out, I would have to strongly suggest it; it is a spirit that is at the same level as a Zyr or Smirnoff. Buy it at

Rating: 9.0/10

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