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El Chicano has been on the music scene for nearly 40 years: 1970 marked the first time that the band came together and created their own special type of Latino R&B meets funk. “In The Eye of the Storm” is a documentary that shows the evolution of the band from their earliest days to the present, while the second disc captures their magic in a May 2008 show at The Avalon.

Where a number of individuals say that the best way to introduce oneself to a storied band is through buying their discography, or picking up their greatest hits at the very least, I feel that a good concert film is really able to show new listeners the soul and spirit of an act. This is precisely what happens with El Chicano’s “In The Eye Of the Storm”, which is a concert film that is destined to be close as possible to understand exactly what El Chicano set out to do during their career and what they had accomplished up to that point. This DVD is essential watching for any fans of the band, but those that may not be familiar with the act should make sure that they pick up this release at the first opportunity. I know that the great audio and video quality, paired with the sheer talent of each of the members of the band, made me a convert.

The documentary side of things ties everything else up nicely, and gives greater context to even the most well-versed fans of El Chicano. MVD is one of the silent forces in music-based film releases, and getting the rights to this documentary further solidifies that position. Check out El Chicano, but also check out the other releases that are on the MVD docket this year: whether interested person, band, or company, it truly is a good year.

Rating: 8.3/10

El Chicano – In The Eye of the Storm / 2009 MVD / 159 Minutes /

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